Ghost of Bloody Mary


At what point do you begin “tasting?” The easiest or most obvious answer might be “when the item enters your mouth.” But in actuality, don’t you begin anticipating flavor from the first moment you see the item? Visual presentation goes a long way towards informing our taste buds, and when the flavor does not confirm what we anticipated through sight we can be woefully disappointed, or very pleasantly surprised.

Our Ghost of Bloody Mary does just that. We have taken a common expectation derived from a name and countered with a very different visual presentation. The result is a cocktail absent of pre-determined expectations and brimming over with new twists on flavor. This bloody mary still exhibits the tomato based flavor, but adds twists and turns along the way.

We start with our most important ingredient which is our “house-made” tomato consume. We use a combination of 5×6 tomatoes, roma tomatoes, tomato paste, and tomato juice all pureed to a fine consistency. Then we wait. We filter this puree through cheese cloth overnight to extract the juice and leave all the influence of color behind. What we are left with is a clean and somewhat clear tomato consume ready to be turned into the Ghost.

At the bar, we add bar syrup, sea salt, ground pepper, lemon juice, Ballast Point Habanero Vodka, and our tomato consume. Combine with ice and give it a hearty shake until well blended and chilled. We then strain into our pint glass rimmed with our special house made spice. Our rim spice is a combination of sansyo Japanese pepper, sea salt, cilantro, and lime zest all blended together. We then strain the cocktail into this rimmed pint glass over fresh ice. For garnish, we add a fresh peel of lemon and lime, as well as a pinch of dehydrated white balsamic vinegar.

This is truly a bloody mary with flavors you have never tasted before and can’t seem to set down! The fantastic contrast of unexpected visual presentation and familiar flavors with a twist will tug and pull on your palate all day. Behold the Ghost of Bloody Mary.